3 tips that helped grow my Etsy shop.

Ok I am by no means an expert, my shop is still very small and very new BUT after promising myself that I would concentrate more on my shop this year in the hope of turning it from a hobby to a full time business, I’ve learnt quite a bit. 

Tip 1 – photos

Photos are beyond important, they’re the reason you are going to get a sale and they have to be great. I live in a Victorian terraced house in West London, we don’t get a huge amount of sun in London and when we do, my house seems to repel it! I’ve tried tonnes of different spots around the house trying to get the best light and finally found it, at the back of my kitchen… on the floor! I created a make shift shelf from a box and a painted piece of wood and started snapping away! I’ve found that morning light is better than afternoon light as it’s less yellow and also a tip for frame sellers, take the glass out to avoid reflections! 

Another great tip when photographing your work is to create a lifestyle shot to show how it could look in the customers home. Surround it with beautiful props and show it off! I found adding a pop of colour with flowers looks nice against my work as it’s mainly white so it stands out. You need to firstly capture the customers eye so that they click your product amongst the thousands of others on the page, and then you really need to sell it to them once they’re in. Show them different angles and positions and include the lifestyle shot. You can get great ideas for these on Pinterest.

So now you have amazing photos, you need to get them seen…


                                         My Photos then….                                            My Photos now…

Tip 2 – SEO

Yes you’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again… it’s SO IMPORTANT! You might be sitting at your desk creating a masterpiece but if you don’t get the SEO right, nobody will see it and therefor nobody will buy it. 

Etsy rank and Marmalead are great sources to help you with this. Etsy Rank is free and in my opinion I found it easier to use than marmalead (although lots of people swear by marmalead) when filling out your tags and titles you need to think like a buyer, what would they search for? For example, I sell papercuts but I know that not everyone knows what they are and that they would make a great gift. So as well as tagging ‘papercut’ I also tag, ‘unique wedding gift’ and ‘custom wedding gift,’ as examples. Also ‘framed wedding gift,’ ‘wedding frame.’ That way the people searching for a gift for the happy couples walls will also be shown my papercuts. 

It’s really important to also tag words that directly relate to the listing, so for example ‘framed wedding papercut,’ because the people searching this are more likely to buy my product as it’s exactly what they’re looking for, therefore my ranking for that tag will be better. 

For ideas on what to tag look at your competitors, what have they tagged? Ask friends, ‘how would you search for this,’ look at your stats for other listings, what key words are bringing people to your shop? 

Another tip with SEO is to make sure that the key words are in both your title and your tags and that the first 3 match and are your strongest key word for that listing, this will get your ranked higher in the search. 

This is just a really brief summarised write up on SEO there is so much written about it that you can find, there are also great podcasts and webinars to listen to. Make sure you really get an idea about how it works and you’ll see the benefits! The hard work is worth it. 

Tip 3 – Make it as easy as possible for the potential customer to buy.

Try and answer all of their questions in your description, tell them the size, the colour, where it could go in their house and what it does. If somebody can’t find the information they’re looking for they’ll more than likely move on to the next listing. 

Listen to your customers, if someone has reached out and asked you a question that’s great, but not everybody will do this. If you keep getting asked the same thing, include it in your description to help the customer make their decision. 

Try not to have too many variations. I recently changed my listings from framed/unframed to just framed. Removing this variation increased my sales by 100%!!! I think it was clearer to the customer what it was I was selling but also that the price didn’t change when they came to buying it. If you have lots of variations it might be best to list them separately. I’m planning on listing both framed and unframed of each listing when I get the time (🙈) 

So to summarise these 3 tips, firstly make sure that you have your SEO down, make sure people can find you. Then once you start showing up in search your photos need to capture the customer and entice them to click your listing. Then once they’re in, make the sale as easy as possible, tell them everything they need to know and also why they need your product. 

I hope these tips are helpful! Let me know if you try any and if they help, and also if there is anything that you tried that really increased your sales? 

Till next time guys, Jade x

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