My first craft fair!!!!

Ok so I’m really nervous about this… I have no idea how much stock to take, what kind of thing will sell, if people will actually like my work etc etc. Its totally different selling your work online because even though I can check my daily stats to see how many people are stopping by my shop, I have no idea what they actually think of my work. There might be some people who glance at my designs and just don’t get them, or maybe don’t even like them, but thankfully I am blissfully unaware of that.

Its not like that at a craft fair, I’m going to be confronted by actual people, people looking and even scrutinising my work and I find that slightly terrifying. I’m not my own biggest fan, I’m very critical of myself so I think I’ll find it quite difficult to sell at first but on the flip side of that, if people do actually like my designs, and maybe someone might even buy something, well now that will absolutely make my day and I’m sure I’ll forget all of the people who walk by giving just a side glance in my direction.

I’m going with the view that its all great experience. It will help me realise the designs people like and I can perhaps even get feedback on pricing etc. I’m going in with a completely open mind so if I sell nothing, or I sell everything, I’ll be a happy lady.

If you’re in the area on the 3rd of December please come along to the Richmond Adult Community Collage and say hi, there are 40 etsy sellers that are going to be there selling all sorts from ceramics to baby clothes. Its a great opertunity to buy some unique christmas gifts and support local small businesses in the process.

Hope to see you there!img_0566

Love Jade x



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