Life is a juggling act

Do you ever think of yourself as a circus act? I see myself now with Baby in one hand, work life in the other whilst domestic chores and social life float above my head waiting until its their turn to be caught, oh and don’t forget husband, hes there too!

I find it so hard to fit everything in most of the time and to dedicate 100% of myself to any of them is pretty much impossible. Gone are the days where going out on a Saturday night would fill every part of my brain, the left side would be building the perfect outfit whilst the right side would decide how I was getting there, what coctails I’d drink and how I was going to remember my alcohol tolerance so I didnt embrass myself… too much. And the remaining parts were just filled with excitment about what the night would bring.

Sadly, thats no longer the case and my social life is the one that usually gets left behind, floating in the air. Nowdays I can hardly remember my own name most of the time because my brain doesnt deem it important enough and I’ve come to accept it. As long as my boy is happy, my businesses are running smoothly and the house is in order, life is good!

Right now I’m sat in the Sports cafe in Centre parcs after a wicked weekend  with hubby, freddie, my mum and dad and nephew Charlie. I’m writing this while Freddie is running riot in the soft play and hubby is chasing after him making sure the big kids (who by the way are much too tall to be in there) dont accidently kick him in the face. Its been a ‘break’ that has become standard these days. Its not actually a break at all, its us with the baby in a place that isnt our house. We still get up at 6am, we still have to schedule everything around his naps, feeds and toddler tantrums and I still have to work. The great thing about being on holiday though is that daddys here, so I can sit and relax whilst finishing papercut orders, marketing or blogging and daddy has to follow freddie around whilst he terrorises the place. Happy days!!

My Business is very new and is still in its infancy (except this infant doesnt have a melt down in the middle of marks and spencer – horray!) so I dont have the luxury of taking time off from it or putting my shop on holiday mode because I cant afford to miss out on orders. I have to keep on top of instagram to make sure my follower dont get bored and I have to keep designing and filfilling orders otherwise I’ll get left behind.

I’m still trying to work out how best to keep on top of everything and I’m sure one day I’ll master it, but at the moment I’m ok with how things are because I love every part of my life and I’m happy to dedicate a part of me to each one.

please note… *every other part of my life is dealt with whilst the toddler sleeps*

Thanks for reading, till next time

Jade xx


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